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Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Year Goals

As the year draws to a close and the new year begins I always get a sense of excitment, a feeling of a new, clean slate upon which to create my year--a sense that I can do anything, start over, begin anew.

Last post I talked about the importance of looking back over the past year and creating goals for the new year. This post I want to share our goals with you.

Long-time readers will recall that a few years ago my personal goal was to perform. The problem was that I was terrified. Why? I am a perfectionist and I was afraid I would screw up.

But I wanted to conquer that fear and now after a good many years of performing with Chester's Cool Cats and Kittens, I have. I still make mistakes and forget pieces of choreography--we all do. But the important thing is that we have a blast. Focus on the fun and the fear resides. Plus I've found that challenge of learning new choreography helps me in all sorts of ways.

So what do I envision for 2010 in terms of dancing? I want our growing community to explode with even more fun and laughter and joy in dancing. We are making important changes to help facilitate that.

Here's what we're doing:
1. Expand the community of celebration.
Everyone has those friends with whom they would love to share the joy of dance. Now we're making it easy. Celebrate your birthday at our dance for free. And bring up to five of your friends who have never been to our dance to celebrate with you--also for free.

2. Expand learning opportunities.
We now have classes in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Stone Ridge and Highland every night of the week! This allows maximum flexibility for all those who want to take classes but couldn't fit it into their schedule.

3. Offer free practice sessions.
We have a possible Kingston location for free practice sessions, now all we need is a team of volunteers to help run it. Contact us if you are interested and let's get this baby on the road.

4. Generate more excitement.
A successful dance is made up of great people and great music. We continue that pledge for our dances in 2010.

5. Offer the best.
We continually strive for the most satisfied students. 91% of our students reported they were highly satisfied last year. That's a statistic to be proud of.

What are your goals for dancing in 2010? And how can we help you achieve them?

Visit for our January schedule.